This Love Coach went from Struggling in Love to Helping Women All Over the World Find "THE ONE"

I have had had the amazing honor to work with Catherine for the past year on her style and how it directly relates to her brand.  She is a total rockstar.  When we first met, she was having panic attacks most days at the simple thought of putting an outfit together for the day, and now she ROCKS her new looks with MAJOR confidence and joy.  I am super excited for you to learn more about her here!



What inspired you to pursue Love Coaching as a career?

I've always been obsessed with love and yet I struggled a LOT in love. Even as a little girl I was asking my mom how come some people were happy in relationship and some people weren't. I realize though, that through my obsession, I never actually did any work around it. I just keep pining for relationship! I couldn't keep a relationship usually for more than 9 months to 1 year without them breaking up with me (yes, every single boyfriend I ever had broke up with me) and then in my last relationship we were "on again and off again" for about 2 years and it was HARD. I was struggling so much and at the time I was involved with coaching and realized that if I could learn how to do pretty much everything, couldn't I learn how to love?! I then realized no one was teaching us anything about relationships and most women were doing exactly what I was doing, getting into a relationship and then just hoping for the best. I realized we could actually empower ourselves to figure out the VERY THING we are all designed to do - love and be loved. After working with the top relationship experts in the country so I could do my own personal healing and then learn exactly how to make love last, I met my now husband who actually PROPOSED to me after 9 months and now I've been with him for 4 years. 

I really do believe we are here to love and be loved and women who desire partnership are meant to find it. Everyone has to come to the awakening that it isn't "just going to happen" and that they CAN actually create the love life of their dreams. 


When coaching, do you use a specific strategy or do you just go with the flow?

Both :) There IS a map to finding love and I teach from that, it's all an inner healing plus taking aligned action. My clients come into a container with me and I tell them there are a few sessions where I'm guiding and then eventually they come and are just bringing to the table what they are working. My clients have called me the "grounded mystic." Most women love working with me because I combine BOTH skills and tools and spiritual principles. I think I see that is what's missing out there in the dating coaching world. Either people only teaching spiritual principles and "manifestation" or what text messages to send, what to wear in a dating profile and what to say. The BEST relationships are people who are connected to spirit first and then know exactly how to communicate in effective and empowered ways. We do really need to learn how to love.


What is your favorite part about being a Love Coach - the part that excites and lights you up?


Everything about being a love coach lights me up but obviously the BEST part is when a woman after years of being single or years of trying to make love work, meets her man. When I get the text or the email that says "Catherine - I've met him. It feels so easy, it feels so right" when she says "I never knew I could love myself like this!" Witnessing the transformation of women coming home to themselves and then experiencing the love they deserve is everything to me. I believe healthy relationships are what will heal the world! 

A woman in love, a woman who is treated well, is a different woman walking down the street. There is nothing, absolutely nothing like the feeling of knowing someone has our back, someone is supporting our dreams, someone will never leave. 


What is it that you are trying to co-create when you are working with your clients?

The gift of being a relationship coach is that they are actually learning relationship with me! They get to see their relationship drama played out with me. I am co-creating an epic relationship. A relationship where she gets to experience trust, commitment, respect, empowered communication, and love. The relationship is alive - they learn that they are capable of working through anything, how to self reflect, and most of all how to be accountable to what they are creating. It's an equal relationship and I grow with them.


What do you consider to be your greatest success/achievement so far or greatness lesson?

What a question! Gosh, I think the greatest lesson I've learned is that love is a choice. Nobody is coming to save me, nobody was going to make anything happen for me, and I was the heroine of my life. That we are all capable of creating the life of our dreams. One of my greatest achievements was getting sober - I am sober from alcohol almost 9 years. Meeting Andrew changed my whole world and I love that I get to KEEP learning about love every single day. 


We can tell from your work that you love life and feel very blessed to do the work you do.  Tell us a little bit more about the coach behind the business.


I can't believe I get to live this life! I am humbled by life, always. I am committed to love. I have days when I doubt myself, when I feel insecure, just like the rest of us. I don't believe self love is a destination, I don't believe there is some "perfect place" where I feel enough and worthy every second of every day. I believe we commit to love, we commit to a life of love and from that commitment we say yes to the lessons, the challenges, the practices that create living confidently and open hearted every single day. The most important relationship in my life is the relationship I have with God - aka Love. Capital "L" love. I've overcome a lot in my life and I think that's why women love working with me. They trust me, my story, I'm not teaching them just because of my expertise but because I've walked through it too. I've lived it and that's how they know it's possible (even when they have the voice that says they will be the "special" one where it doesn't happen!). I am always learning and growing and believe the best work we can do on ourselves is work that keeps us humble and vulnerable. I make sure I am always in a position where I have to be vulnerable and being a coach is very vulnerable! Every time I post something or make a video and putting myself out there I feel vulnerable. 


b:a catherine.jpg

Before we started to work together on your style, what did you feel was lacking for you...or that you would enjoy support from a stylist on?

Before working with Kate I would have panic attacks walking into my closet, no joke. I LOVED clothes and would buy lots of clothes but when it came time to put an outfit on in the morning I would freeze and panic. I remember envying all of the women in my life who would effortlessly put an outfit together when it would be so hard for me. I lacked confidence around my style and was quite afraid of being bold or trying new things. Kate helped me so much with that - how to be bold. I wanted to stop having panic attacks. I wanted to feel more confident putting outfits together. I wanted to figure out what my style even was! 


Why me?  What about working with me made you say - YEP! She's the one! 

Everybody chooses the person who is CONFIDENT with what they are doing, that was my experience of Kate. Like, damn she knows her stuff and she's proud of it. I felt like she really wanted to help me, she challenged me on certain outfits and I was willing to give things a try because right away I felt like I could trust her. I loved her style of course too! 



What have you felt, realized, achieved through us working together?

I feel so much better putting outfits together. I am more willing to try new things and follow trends. I no longer have panic attacks (so good) and love my clothes. I love that my brand has come alive and I feel like me in all my photos. I also love that I get to not just be "one thing." Having a stylist helped me see that of course it's how I FEEL in the clothes that make a difference too. Having Kate "on hand" really was everything - being able to call her and say "I have an event coming up - help!" and then pack knowing exactly what I was going to wear was a game changer. 


What feelings do you experience now that you have a stylist on your "team"?

I guess I just said it in the previous question! I don't have to figure it all out on my own. There's peace in my heart and excitement. I also have Kate pick out clothes for me and I love, love, love those packages! I love continuously being challenged try new outfits and stretch myself. 


What would you tell the world if you had a megaphone and everyone could hear you?

You are worthy and deserving of the life and love you dream of! No matter what has happened before this moment right now, you have the power to change how your story goes. If you desire love, if you want partnership, it's meant for you. PERIOD. 


Any exciting programs or coaching opportunities in the pipeline?!

Yes, Yes, YES!!! The most exciting program I have ever created  - Committed to Love. It's a 6 month program for women who want to find love and experience epic partnership. I combine everything I've ever taught and learned into a 6 month healing journey to open hearts, heal fears and doubts, and learn the skills to make relationship last. The most powerful work I've ever done is group work and women need each other. The one thing I've done right is always ask for help in the course of my lifetime and I am who I am because of that. I have never been so excited about a program and it's launching next month! 



Do you have a motto or favorite quote?

All my friends make fun of me because I am literally the quote woman. I always have one on hand and memorize so many. I really love Rumi and one of my favorites by him is "“The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. They're in each other all along.” ― Jalaluddin Mevlana Rumi and "Even after all this time, the Sun never said to the Earth 'you owe me' see what happens with a love like that? It lights up the whole sky" - Hafiz. 

xoxo, Kate

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I have had the pleasure and honor of working closely with UBER talented Intuitive Business Mentor, Taylor Manning, as her stylist for almost a year now and I am THRILLED to share with you an interview about this amazing rockstar and her work.

Taylor works with clients to get their businesses on a trajectory of unlimited success and has created a devoted online following.  


"Why try so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out

- Taylor Manning


What inspired you to pursue Coaching as a career? 

I was always interested in learning how to make my own money. So when I was in college, I picked up freelance gigs doing virtual assistant type work. Eventually, I discovered coaching through one of my clients and knew I was meant to be doing that. I had already started including sessions in my hourly packages which were quickly turning into coaching and strategizing. 


Who do you specifically work with? 

I work with women who are already coaching but feel like they're teaching the same thing as everyone else and don't feel lit up by it. It's the same thing that happened to me. Moving into doing "Strategy coaching" just made sense because it's what I knew through my freelance clients... but I ended up hating it and not believing in it anymore. So I had to discover what was actually unique about me and how to use that to make great income.


When coaching, do you use a specific strategy or do you just go with the flow? 

I have a process I take my clients through which includes uncovering what they're meant to be doing (usually fine-tuning their own process and discovering their gifts), going into their stories they are holding onto that are creating patterns in their life that are the reason they don't already have everything they want and then (of course) marketing and what to say online to sign their true DREAM clients. 


What is your favorite part about being a Coach - the part that excites and lights you up? 

I love celebrating my client's results! It's so exciting to not only watch my clients make more money but also to actually love what they do and get their clients get results too. It really lights me up to think of the chain reaction my work has. 


What is it that you are trying to co-create when you are working with your clients? 

True freedom (meaning time, financial and emotional - not caring what people think) and big paychecks... ;P


"You are enough. You deserve to be put first. The world needs you to take care of yourself and to SHINE. "

- Taylor Manning


What do you consider to be your greatest lesson so far? 

My biggest lesson has been that you don't need to settle for what others perceive you as. Most of us have so much conditioning that tells us who we are supposed to be but underneath it all is the real us. I used to make myself be strategic, quiet, smart.... because that's what my parents called me and then what my clients called me but after getting rid of allllllllll of that.... was someone who was actually her own person. Who knew?! Haha. 

We can tell from your work that you love life, your man ;) your pups, your family, and take lots of fun trips.  Tell us a little bit more about the entrepreneur behind the business. 

Yeah!!!!!! I have been living with my boyfriend now for... almost 3 years. I moved here with my rescued Jack Russel mix, Tucker and then last year we added Jax, our mini Husky, to the fam. They are so freaking cute! I typically end up traveling every two months - either to see my family in Florida or to be at an entrepreneur/coaching event. This year that is shifting to be MY events - I hosted my second one last month and it was so fun! 


Before we started to work together on your style, what did you feel was lacking for you...or that you would enjoy support from a stylist on? 

I booked my call with you because I wanted someone to style my photoshoot. I have always gone to photoshoots (this was going to be my 3rd) with an idea of what I needed to be seen as (see - all that conditioning of who we should be!). But when I was on the phone with you... it just clicked. I needed to discover who I actually was and not only show up as her in my photoshoot but in my life. I hated shopping, I had recently gained about 30 pounds and was sizes bigger than I was used to and I was out of touch with my style. I was unhappy with my body and DEFINITELY my closet. 



Why me?  What about working with me made you say - YEP! She's the one! 

You always have a way with pushing me out of my comfort zone while also keeping me feeling like me (which has evolved - A LOT!). Even during that first consultation call, you called me out on some things I was doing (tshirts with words to put out my message instead of the style itself) that were not me and telling me why it was important my style was seen not just in photoshoots but in my life... livestreams, events and even just while at home. I did NOT get on that call expecting to hire you for an entire year... but in my gut, I knew I was dying to discover who I was and to feel HAPPY in my body and so I did it!!!! 


What have you felt, realized, or achieved through us working together?

Every time I get the new pieces you send me I feel upleveled. Every. single. time. And it's always enjoyable. It's helped my mindset around my body (because you were so good at finding clothes that flattered me), my money mindset (because you always sent me a piece or two that stretched my mindset around spending money on clothes and myself) and my actual health (because I started loving putting myself first and now have lost the 30 pounds I gained the year before hiring you :)). I am so grateful! 



What feelings do you experience now that you have a stylist on your "team"? 

Last year when we were on the phone I had this terrifying, BIG vision. I wanted to be hosting events and launching large group programs and being a leader. I knew I was ready for it from a strategic standpoint but it meant I had to uplevel my team with me. I did NOT think a "full time" stylist (like all year long lol) was necessary but it saved me so much time and stress. I can honestly say this entire year, through MANY trips, events, and launches - I have not stressed clothes a single time... well.... except when I sent new outfits to my OLD address over an hour away - days before my last event... but even then you had my back and made sure I still had great outfits. 



What would you tell the world if you had a megaphone and everyone could hear you? 

You are enough. You deserve to be put first. The world needs you to take care of yourself and to SHINE. 


Any exciting programs or coaching opportunities in the pipeline?! 

YES! I am launching my mastermind right now. "Mastermind" really isn't the right word for it, but it's something totally different and it is MAGIC. I am so excited!!!! 



Do you have a motto or favorite quote? 

Since I was a a pre-teen I have loved the quote from the What A Girl Wants movie..... something like "Why try so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out".  I would tell my friends this nonstop and have it written on everything.  Funny enough, it took me until now to finally grasp it :) 


I hope you enjoyed this interview with this beauty.


xoxo, Kate

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Spring 2017 Trends for Women


Spring 2017 Trends for Women


With the impending change of seasons - I couldn’t be more excited to start planning and shopping for the Spring wardrobe that I am THRILLED to be rocking very soon.  And I’m assuming you are right there with me, wanting to know just exactly what you should be on the lookout for to keep you looking put together, polished, and “on trend”. 

Stylist Tip #1 - There is a BIG difference between “on trend” and “trendy”.  On trend means that your clothing, your style, and the pieces you are wearing together are current and make sense for your image and what you want to be portraying to those that see you - either online or in person. “Trendy” means something that is a fad, but will soon go out of style - so you never want to invest a ton of money into those pieces, because they won’t stand the test of time.

So, because I believe 100% in buying pieces that make sense to ADD to your wardrobe and to keep it looking fresh and ON TREND - I have pulled together some great pieces that I know will look great on most of us and also are not “too trendy” to not stand the test of time

Below you will see a design I put together to show you exactly what I’m referring to when I talk about these different Spring on trend pieces.

These pieces are great to incorporate into your closet and wear with your current favs that you already know, like, and trust.  Not only are the pieces and cuts really great this season - but the COLORS are beautiful neutral shades with pops of color that you can mix and match with most of your wardrobe.

For my ladies, you see a lot of pieces that have different cuts and designs in the tops….such as bell sleeves, slits in the arms, one shoulder tops, one shoulder cut out, and off the shoulder pieces.  Not only that, but you will see these pieces in a lot of stripes.  Specifically, seaside stripes and banker stripes (think blue & white pinstripe and the nautical/nantucket seersucker striped feel).  All of those tops will pair really nicely with white denim, white or black shorts, colored denim, or even tucked into some cute high waisted skirts.  Oversized button downs and white shirt dresses will be largely present on the style scene as well as one of my VERY favs - JUMPSUITS!!!  I love a great jumpsuit.

For accessories - this season you will fall in love with the necklace and shoe options.  Layering necklaces will be SUPER on trend as well as all shades of yellow.  I love the yellow accessories with the chambray (denim) pieces as well as the striped pieces.  Shoes are super chic and super COMFY.  How great is THAT?!  Lace-up espadrilles, flat booties, and open toed booties are the leaders of the pack this season, and I love them ALL!  

Stylist Tip #2 - Always shop for a camel colored shoe first, if you are looking for an initial color to purchase, because it goes with literally EVERY color in your closet.

Last piece for my ladies - Pale Pink.  You will see this in everything from shoes to blazers to earrings.  It is a perfect color to pair with white, black, grey, denim, navy….you get the idea.  It’s a wonderful Spring color to add to your wardrobe.


Spring 2017 Trends for Men


Spring 2017 Trends for Men


I have put together a set to focus on business casual, date night out, and hanging on the weekends. The three areas that I think can be the biggest struggle for my men.

Right off the bat, you notice that there are 50 shades of blue for the men’s trends.  I couldn’t love this more - and it also goes along beautifully with the 2 other on trend colors for men - stone and khaki (think linen suit for the khaki - as opposed to khaki pants).

If you don’t currently own a gorgeous bright blue fitted blazer - that can definitely be the next piece that you add to your wardrobe and you can do it with confidence knowing that you can wear it with denim, grey pants, black pants, khaki, and stone colored pants.  Make sure that you get the blazer fitted perfectly for your shape.

The next thing you will see are a lot of are different size boxed prints - from gingham to boxed plaid to large box prints - this is a great print to wear with any pant you own and also mix up with a different printed tie or a solid color if you want to keep it classy.  

Lastly, shoes and work bags.  I’m loving all the new shoe options available to men and, again, if you are looking for one shoe to add to your collection - always go for a camel colored shoe if you don’t yet own one.  They go with almost everything and will look SO nice with your blue blazer, box print shirt, dark fitted denim, and a camel colored belt.  PERFECT ensemble.  

For a more casual shoe, look for an athletic inspired shoe - like the Nikes shown in the photo - but go for a fun color like that military inspired green.  Keep it fun and confident.  

And for the work bag…it’s time to let go of the backpack and embrace the adulthood and studliness of the leather work bag.  It looks amazing and just will give you a boost of confident each day when you head to work.  Rock it out and watch your productivity increase!



Spring 2016 Style Set


This Spring is bringing back some of our favs as well as some new stylish loves.

Fringe, Exposed Shoulders, and Denim Everything are just a few of the seasonal trends that I am loving and find it VERY easy to pair with my favorite white destroyed denim.

Bright & Bold Stripes paired with some sequins or sparkle - will most DEFINITELY be one of my go-to's this Spring and pairing it with a great white bomber....just YES!

And if you are looking for a skirt that looks good on anyone - the Paper Bag waist skirt is the skirt for you.  It is forgiving, stylish, and fun all in one!  I need to grab 3 - just to keep them in rotation. :)

Grown up gingham is always a love of mine, and pairing them with destroyed boyfriend jeans is just a given for my wardrobe.  

The romantic ruffles and lace that we saw in the Fall have continued this Spring, and that means you get MORE wear out of those pieces you bought last season!  YAY!

A mix of shoe wear will be key for your Spring wardrobe - a great pair of light pink or nude pumps, a white sandal, some great open toed heels, a nice navy flat, and a classy yet funky heel (Valentino please?!) will all keep you styled and chic this Spring

!It's not just florals for Spring anymore - get into it! :)




Fashion begins again in the Fall, and this season has it all!


From the beauty & brocade of the Romantic Era to 60's Mod, this season has it all. Funk, Style, & Class. You will be sure to see lots of color, prints, and accessories that aren't afraid to be loud & proud. 

Colors are off the charts with reds, blues (cobalt, navy, and powder - LOVE), greens, and monochromatic black or winter cream.

The romantic era inspired fashion will bring lots of high necks, lace, and ruffles.  There will be dramatic flair, puffed sleeves, and rich tapestry prints.  

The mod inspired swinging 60's looks will give us bold geometric prints, carwash pleats, and super short micro minis.  Not only that, but you will notice overly tall boots and lady loafers galore!

Plaids are in again, (YAY for my Rails plaids!) especially in red, as well as menswear-insired prints (tweed, herringbone, and houndstooth).  And yes, it's true, flared bottoms (think jeans and pants) are back in...BUT make sure they are super high waisted and tight fitting on top.

As for accessories, you will notice big beautiful stoned accessories, funky tights to pair with your dresses and skirts, and lots of options for bags - including box bags (a fav of mine).  Striped scarves and skinny scarves are both on trend as well, and will look great as a completion accessory to your look.

This season is sure to be one of my favorites...I love a great throw-back mod or victorian look!


Valentine's Day: Romantic & Edgy


Valentine's Day: Romantic & Edgy


For all of you beauties that are preparing for your Valentine's Day dates - here is a little inspiration to have you looking beautiful, edgy, and romantic all in one!

Overall you want to have a look that speaks true to your style, while also saying "I'm excited for romance!"

How do you do that? I'm glad you asked! 

Keep your look romantic with a classic lace top and add in the edge with your favorite coated skinnies, a moto jacket, and an awesome pair of black booties. Don't forget to complete the look by adding beautiful gold accessories that don't speak louder than the romantic lace and edgy pieces that you are rocking!

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day filled with Love and Style!!


Fall Fashion: Women's Style Edition


Fall Fashion: Women's Style Edition


This season's styles, colors, and trends have me crushing hard - I'm literally falling for fall!

Beautiful Cobalt, Striking Burgundy, Comfortable Grey, and Funky Army Green are just a couple of my top favs for color this Fall.

Grab an oversized sweater, pair it with a great pair of dark jeans, throw on a bright accessory - and you are looking STUNNING! 

Or if you want to dress it up - Plaid is the name of the game this fall. Plaid skirts with sweaters, Plaid dresses, or my fav...Plaid PANTS!  They will all have you looking put together and stylish.

Can't wait to see all you beauties in your Fall Fashion. Post a pic to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and #TaylorMadeCoaching to the post! 

xoxo Kate



Fall Fashion: Outerwear Edition


Fall is in the air, and it is time to grab your coat...but what colors are on trend and what styles should you be on the lookout for?
Oversized is the name of the game this fall, and you won't go wrong with a gorgeous belted robe coat or an oversized wrap coat.

I am loving the belted robe coat because of the silhouette that it gives while also being stylish, sleek, and functional. 
The colors that you will see the most this Fall are Sangria (Wine, Burgundy, Maroon); Grey; Royal and Cobalt Blue; Pastel Light Blue; Cream; Red; and Cypress Green. 
So grab your gorgeous coat and get out to those orchards for some apple picking fun in style!



Cold Weather Fashion to Keep Your Style Hot!


Has the winter weather got you down? Well, we know the cure all for that…warm fashion!

While we push through this second half of winter, we want to make sure that you have the right pieces to keep you cozy…while also looking Hot!!

The “On-Trend” looks for Winter are similar to the Fall, with a little more of a “cozy” touch.

A warm oversized plaid cape with a great pair of skinny jeans, and your favorite boots is one way to look stunning while staying warm on snow days.

Printed sweaters with a great pair of colored painted denim pants, an oversized infinity scarf and a pair of booties is the perfect ensemble to wear while having a shopping day with the girls.

Looking for a great date night look, but want to stay warm? Grab a sexy pair of liquid leggings and pair it with an elegant blouse, a great statement necklace, and a hot pair of heels.

A personal favorite of mine is an awesome pair of printed pants with an oversized cardigan and my favorite booties. I love adding a statement necklace and an oversized scarf to keep me warm and fashionable.

Make sure to complete every outfit with your favorite coat…and even better if it’s brightly colored! We love seeing a great coat that can be bright and stands out as an outfit on it’s own.

Don’t forget your options for extra warmth…grab a chunky infinity scarf, a knitted beanie, or a winter wool hat.

Keep using the great pieces that you got in the fall and just layer them to make sure you are getting the most use out of your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to add more layers for warmth – just make sure that it’s your style!

Sending warm fashion wishes!



Winter Fashion to Warm Your Style


With winter weather just around the corner, we want to make sure you are all ready and prepped to look your best and feel even better!

The “On-Trend” looks for Fall are transitioning perfectly into the winter season.

Leather accents on sweaters with a great leather pant or painted dark denim are great to pair with your favorite pair of leather booties.

Plaid button downs can easily be worn by themselves with your crushed denim skinnies and statement necklace, or pair the plaid with a colored vest to keep you warm.

Blazers or your favorite crew neck sweaters give more options to style your plaid button down while also layering for warmth. Add your riding boots to either choice for a completed winter look.

A personal favorite of mine is the high waisted skinny jean with a statement blouse and clutch.

Make sure to complete every outfit with a single strand necklace and stud earrings to portray your polished and confident look.

And for extra warmth…grab a chunky infinity scarf, a knitted beanie, or a winter wool hat.

Keep in mind that you will get the most out of your winter wardrobe by mixing and matching. Think outside of the box and change up your layering pieces, pants, and accessories.

Happy Holidays!




Accessories to Make Your Fall Wardrobe Pop!


In need of some Fall inspiration and wardrobe direction? This season’s accessory trends are just the thing to get us excited and ready for the cool air around the corner.

From single stranded statement pieces, to fun & functional bags, you will have no excuse to stay in this season.

Pair your business attire with a great “from the top” bag, a single stranded crystal necklace, an elegant belt, and top it off with your favorite stacked shoes.

Or for a ladies night out, grab some sexy femme fatale pumps and a statement portfolio purse to hit the city in style.

Pearls are also a big “yes” this season and can easily make your work attire look polished, while transitioning nicely to dinner out.



Fall Fashion...Burgundy, Cobalt, & Leather...Oh My!


If there is one thing that we can all look forward to, other than the crisp cool air of fall, it’s the fashion trends of the season that never disappoint.

This year, fall fashion is speaking directly to my heart. Comfy Fisherman Sweaters, Full Skirts, Flats w/ Detailing, and Leather Motorcycle Jackets – just to name of few. It all makes me want to crawl up in front of the fire with a great book and a cup of hot tea.

The many lovable trends this year could keep us all shopping for days, but a must-have for your wardrobe should be that awesome motorcycle jacket that fits you just right with just enough edge but not too much biker.

Menswear inspired fashion for women is a biggie this season and plaid is the new neutral. Also, make sure to note that the big colors of the season are burgundy, cobalt, and jewel tones. Pastels will be the most unexpected colors that you will notice while shopping for your fashion needs.

Tiny stud earrings and flats with detailing will be the perfect addition to any of your fall pieces, and if you are feeling flirty – grab one of those full skirts that you will see all around.

No matter what fall trend you are falling in love with, make sure that you find pieces that are timeless and that will transition easily into winter, to get the most bang for your buck!



What to Work!


It’s one of the questions that I hear the most…What should I wear to work?!

Maybe you have your casual-wear all set, but when it comes to appropriate work attire that says, “I mean business”, you are at a loss. Well no worries, I’ve got you covered.

There are a couple great pieces that every working woman should have, and they will easily transition through the seasons. Now, the colors can be your personal preference, but some of your wardrobe staples should be: a great tailored dress, a blazer that is appropriate for your height and size, a pencil skirt, a great pair of nicely fitted pants, and some great dress shirts that can easily be layered.

To give a completed and polished look, don’t forget to have some great accessory pieces close by to accent your wardrobe with pops of color and style. And of course make sure to have the perfect pair of pumps or flats to top it all off.





The Perfect Summer White


When completing your summer wardrobe, one thing to keep in mind is having pieces that allow you flexibility and ease.  A pivotal piece that allows for that, is the perfect pair of summer white jeans.  They can work for all events and occasions, and go from day to night without skipping a beat.

As far as white jeans go, these JBrand Destructed Denims had me at hello.  They are the perfect length and style for any occasion, and can be dressed up or dressed down in an instant.

Here I have two different, yet similar, looks paired with the JBrand Destructed Denims.  One is a Shoshanna Marissa blouse with Cole Haan Nude Manhattan flats, and the other is a Shoshanna Renee Blouse with Christian Louboutin Nude Patent Pumps.  Two great options that can easily be worn to a BBQ in flats, or a dinner al fresco in pumps…and since summer has “officially” begun – go grab those jeans and enjoy it!




Fireworks & Fashion


July 4th is just around the corner, and I want to make sure that you look patriotic, relaxed, and in-style. Why not make it a goal to enjoy your 4th of July picnic and fireworks display in the most relaxed and fashionable way possible, while not breaking the bank or looking super cheesy.

Here I have put together a couple of options that are easily duplicated with the basic red, white, and blue. Any navy and white striped piece that you already own can be accented with some great red accessories for that pop of patriotic flare. Or, you can also venture out to find some new red, white or blue items. Keep in mind that you want to be able to wear them again for other functions, so don’t go too crazy with your choices.

Either way, enjoy your time with family and friends, and Happy 4th!



Summer Vacay Style Essentials


It’s that wonderful time of year when we are all packing our bags and heading out for our long anticipated…Summer Vacations!

Here we have put together some of your summer vacay must-haves! As long as you have packed these few items in your carry-on, then even if your luggage gets lost, you will still be set!

With these few pieces, you are guaranteed to feel amazing and turn heads on the beach this summer. Comfortability and ease is the name of the game with your summer maxis and summer rompers. You can’t go wrong with throwing one on over your suit, and heading out. The best part of wearing either a maxi or a romper, is that once you have added your summer hat, sandals, tote, sunglasses, and your statement jewelry piece – you can easily just head to dinner after you finish that Mojito by the pool! No major changing needed!

So, make sure to grab these pieces before your summer trip, and enjoy the ease in not having to worry about anything except relaxing and treating yourself!



A Maxi-Must Summer!


Every summer, it’s standard…my go-to summer outfit is a light weight and flowy maxi dress paired with a great pair of shoes. You really can’t go wrong with your favorite maxi dresses. They are major.  Maxis are perfect to dress up with accessories for date night, or just as easy to throw on over your bikini for a day in the sun!

On top of having the perfect maxi, pairing it with a great pair of nude wedges, will have you turning heads everywhere you go. Make sure this summer, is your summer to be a show stopper with a great maxi and fantastic shoes!



The Great Gatsby


Well I, for one, am beyond excited that my life-long obsession with  The Great Gatsby is finally something that the whole world is now taking part in and celebrating with movies and fashion!  There is probably nothing more important than accessories when trying to achieve Gatsby fashion, and Tiffany & Co. has far exceeded this tall order.  Their Gatsby line is beyond gorg, and accessorizes the Miu Miu and Oscar de la Renta Gatsby pieces with perfection!  The dripping pearls and diamonds are enough to make all of our jaws drop.

With the opening of “The Great Gatsby” movie coming in May, make sure that you all head to that premier in your best Gatsby attire, and don’t you dare forget the jewels and accessories!!



We Love Boston


While we are based in Boston, we have all been effected by the tragedy of Monday’s Boston Marathon bombings.  Some in large ways, and others in small.  We wanted to share a small tribute to those that we love and those that were impacted.  We send our deepest condolences to the families and friends of those we lost, and those that were victims of this tragedy.  We are One, Boston and we will triumph.  These yellow and blue pieces are meant to honor the Boston Marathon Tragedy.  We love you, Boston.

The city of Boston has set up a foundation for the families that were effected by this tragedy, and if you are interested in helping their cause…please visit