From the beauty & brocade of the Romantic Era to 60's Mod, this season has it all. Funk, Style, & Class. You will be sure to see lots of color, prints, and accessories that aren't afraid to be loud & proud. 

Colors are off the charts with reds, blues (cobalt, navy, and powder - LOVE), greens, and monochromatic black or winter cream.

The romantic era inspired fashion will bring lots of high necks, lace, and ruffles.  There will be dramatic flair, puffed sleeves, and rich tapestry prints.  

The mod inspired swinging 60's looks will give us bold geometric prints, carwash pleats, and super short micro minis.  Not only that, but you will notice overly tall boots and lady loafers galore!

Plaids are in again, (YAY for my Rails plaids!) especially in red, as well as menswear-insired prints (tweed, herringbone, and houndstooth).  And yes, it's true, flared bottoms (think jeans and pants) are back in...BUT make sure they are super high waisted and tight fitting on top.

As for accessories, you will notice big beautiful stoned accessories, funky tights to pair with your dresses and skirts, and lots of options for bags - including box bags (a fav of mine).  Striped scarves and skinny scarves are both on trend as well, and will look great as a completion accessory to your look.

This season is sure to be one of my favorites...I love a great throw-back mod or victorian look!