I have put together a set to focus on business casual, date night out, and hanging on the weekends. The three areas that I think can be the biggest struggle for my men.

Right off the bat, you notice that there are 50 shades of blue for the men’s trends.  I couldn’t love this more - and it also goes along beautifully with the 2 other on trend colors for men - stone and khaki (think linen suit for the khaki - as opposed to khaki pants).

If you don’t currently own a gorgeous bright blue fitted blazer - that can definitely be the next piece that you add to your wardrobe and you can do it with confidence knowing that you can wear it with denim, grey pants, black pants, khaki, and stone colored pants.  Make sure that you get the blazer fitted perfectly for your shape.

The next thing you will see are a lot of are different size boxed prints - from gingham to boxed plaid to large box prints - this is a great print to wear with any pant you own and also mix up with a different printed tie or a solid color if you want to keep it classy.  

Lastly, shoes and work bags.  I’m loving all the new shoe options available to men and, again, if you are looking for one shoe to add to your collection - always go for a camel colored shoe if you don’t yet own one.  They go with almost everything and will look SO nice with your blue blazer, box print shirt, dark fitted denim, and a camel colored belt.  PERFECT ensemble.  

For a more casual shoe, look for an athletic inspired shoe - like the Nikes shown in the photo - but go for a fun color like that military inspired green.  Keep it fun and confident.  

And for the work bag…it’s time to let go of the backpack and embrace the adulthood and studliness of the leather work bag.  It looks amazing and just will give you a boost of confident each day when you head to work.  Rock it out and watch your productivity increase!