With the impending change of seasons - I couldn’t be more excited to start planning and shopping for the Spring wardrobe that I am THRILLED to be rocking very soon.  And I’m assuming you are right there with me, wanting to know just exactly what you should be on the lookout for to keep you looking put together, polished, and “on trend”. 

Stylist Tip #1 - There is a BIG difference between “on trend” and “trendy”.  On trend means that your clothing, your style, and the pieces you are wearing together are current and make sense for your image and what you want to be portraying to those that see you - either online or in person. “Trendy” means something that is a fad, but will soon go out of style - so you never want to invest a ton of money into those pieces, because they won’t stand the test of time.

So, because I believe 100% in buying pieces that make sense to ADD to your wardrobe and to keep it looking fresh and ON TREND - I have pulled together some great pieces that I know will look great on most of us and also are not “too trendy” to not stand the test of time

Below you will see a design I put together to show you exactly what I’m referring to when I talk about these different Spring on trend pieces.

These pieces are great to incorporate into your closet and wear with your current favs that you already know, like, and trust.  Not only are the pieces and cuts really great this season - but the COLORS are beautiful neutral shades with pops of color that you can mix and match with most of your wardrobe.

For my ladies, you see a lot of pieces that have different cuts and designs in the tops….such as bell sleeves, slits in the arms, one shoulder tops, one shoulder cut out, and off the shoulder pieces.  Not only that, but you will see these pieces in a lot of stripes.  Specifically, seaside stripes and banker stripes (think blue & white pinstripe and the nautical/nantucket seersucker striped feel).  All of those tops will pair really nicely with white denim, white or black shorts, colored denim, or even tucked into some cute high waisted skirts.  Oversized button downs and white shirt dresses will be largely present on the style scene as well as one of my VERY favs - JUMPSUITS!!!  I love a great jumpsuit.

For accessories - this season you will fall in love with the necklace and shoe options.  Layering necklaces will be SUPER on trend as well as all shades of yellow.  I love the yellow accessories with the chambray (denim) pieces as well as the striped pieces.  Shoes are super chic and super COMFY.  How great is THAT?!  Lace-up espadrilles, flat booties, and open toed booties are the leaders of the pack this season, and I love them ALL!  

Stylist Tip #2 - Always shop for a camel colored shoe first, if you are looking for an initial color to purchase, because it goes with literally EVERY color in your closet.

Last piece for my ladies - Pale Pink.  You will see this in everything from shoes to blazers to earrings.  It is a perfect color to pair with white, black, grey, denim, navy….you get the idea.  It’s a wonderful Spring color to add to your wardrobe.