I have had the pleasure and honor of working closely with UBER talented Intuitive Business Mentor, Taylor Manning, as her stylist for almost a year now and I am THRILLED to share with you an interview about this amazing rockstar and her work.

Taylor works with clients to get their businesses on a trajectory of unlimited success and has created a devoted online following.  


"Why try so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out

- Taylor Manning


What inspired you to pursue Coaching as a career? 

I was always interested in learning how to make my own money. So when I was in college, I picked up freelance gigs doing virtual assistant type work. Eventually, I discovered coaching through one of my clients and knew I was meant to be doing that. I had already started including sessions in my hourly packages which were quickly turning into coaching and strategizing. 


Who do you specifically work with? 

I work with women who are already coaching but feel like they're teaching the same thing as everyone else and don't feel lit up by it. It's the same thing that happened to me. Moving into doing "Strategy coaching" just made sense because it's what I knew through my freelance clients... but I ended up hating it and not believing in it anymore. So I had to discover what was actually unique about me and how to use that to make great income.


When coaching, do you use a specific strategy or do you just go with the flow? 

I have a process I take my clients through which includes uncovering what they're meant to be doing (usually fine-tuning their own process and discovering their gifts), going into their stories they are holding onto that are creating patterns in their life that are the reason they don't already have everything they want and then (of course) marketing and what to say online to sign their true DREAM clients. 


What is your favorite part about being a Coach - the part that excites and lights you up? 

I love celebrating my client's results! It's so exciting to not only watch my clients make more money but also to actually love what they do and get their clients get results too. It really lights me up to think of the chain reaction my work has. 


What is it that you are trying to co-create when you are working with your clients? 

True freedom (meaning time, financial and emotional - not caring what people think) and big paychecks... ;P


"You are enough. You deserve to be put first. The world needs you to take care of yourself and to SHINE. "

- Taylor Manning


What do you consider to be your greatest lesson so far? 

My biggest lesson has been that you don't need to settle for what others perceive you as. Most of us have so much conditioning that tells us who we are supposed to be but underneath it all is the real us. I used to make myself be strategic, quiet, smart.... because that's what my parents called me and then what my clients called me but after getting rid of allllllllll of that.... was someone who was actually her own person. Who knew?! Haha. 

We can tell from your work that you love life, your man ;) your pups, your family, and take lots of fun trips.  Tell us a little bit more about the entrepreneur behind the business. 

Yeah!!!!!! I have been living with my boyfriend now for... almost 3 years. I moved here with my rescued Jack Russel mix, Tucker and then last year we added Jax, our mini Husky, to the fam. They are so freaking cute! I typically end up traveling every two months - either to see my family in Florida or to be at an entrepreneur/coaching event. This year that is shifting to be MY events - I hosted my second one last month and it was so fun! 


Before we started to work together on your style, what did you feel was lacking for you...or that you would enjoy support from a stylist on? 

I booked my call with you because I wanted someone to style my photoshoot. I have always gone to photoshoots (this was going to be my 3rd) with an idea of what I needed to be seen as (see - all that conditioning of who we should be!). But when I was on the phone with you... it just clicked. I needed to discover who I actually was and not only show up as her in my photoshoot but in my life. I hated shopping, I had recently gained about 30 pounds and was sizes bigger than I was used to and I was out of touch with my style. I was unhappy with my body and DEFINITELY my closet. 



Why me?  What about working with me made you say - YEP! She's the one! 

You always have a way with pushing me out of my comfort zone while also keeping me feeling like me (which has evolved - A LOT!). Even during that first consultation call, you called me out on some things I was doing (tshirts with words to put out my message instead of the style itself) that were not me and telling me why it was important my style was seen not just in photoshoots but in my life... livestreams, events and even just while at home. I did NOT get on that call expecting to hire you for an entire year... but in my gut, I knew I was dying to discover who I was and to feel HAPPY in my body and so I did it!!!! 


What have you felt, realized, or achieved through us working together?

Every time I get the new pieces you send me I feel upleveled. Every. single. time. And it's always enjoyable. It's helped my mindset around my body (because you were so good at finding clothes that flattered me), my money mindset (because you always sent me a piece or two that stretched my mindset around spending money on clothes and myself) and my actual health (because I started loving putting myself first and now have lost the 30 pounds I gained the year before hiring you :)). I am so grateful! 



What feelings do you experience now that you have a stylist on your "team"? 

Last year when we were on the phone I had this terrifying, BIG vision. I wanted to be hosting events and launching large group programs and being a leader. I knew I was ready for it from a strategic standpoint but it meant I had to uplevel my team with me. I did NOT think a "full time" stylist (like all year long lol) was necessary but it saved me so much time and stress. I can honestly say this entire year, through MANY trips, events, and launches - I have not stressed clothes a single time... well.... except when I sent new outfits to my OLD address over an hour away - days before my last event... but even then you had my back and made sure I still had great outfits. 



What would you tell the world if you had a megaphone and everyone could hear you? 

You are enough. You deserve to be put first. The world needs you to take care of yourself and to SHINE. 


Any exciting programs or coaching opportunities in the pipeline?! 

YES! I am launching my mastermind right now. "Mastermind" really isn't the right word for it, but it's something totally different and it is MAGIC. I am so excited!!!! 



Do you have a motto or favorite quote? 

Since I was a a pre-teen I have loved the quote from the What A Girl Wants movie..... something like "Why try so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out".  I would tell my friends this nonstop and have it written on everything.  Funny enough, it took me until now to finally grasp it :) 


I hope you enjoyed this interview with this beauty.


xoxo, Kate

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