discover your style and align it with your brand to create a powerful impact for your business and your life.

This program will help you walk with confidence and produce consistent and profitable results in your life.

I’m Kate Taylor, the founder of Kate Taylor, Stylist and Taylor Made Coaching. I created this course after working with hundreds of women who felt like their image was not in line with who they were, what their business was all about, and how they were viewed by others. I, personally, went through my own business transformation, when I went from a $500 month in my business to an $8000 month in 1 month by aligning my personal brand to my business brand and rocking it with confidence.

But before my business really started rocking, I was terrified of looking like a "fraud" and scared that nobody would want to work with me if I didn’t have designer everything. 

Maybe you feel the same... I had a big heart to give others a boost of confidence and help boost their business to MAJOR success. I wanted to be the best friend that helped my clients style and shop to create an image they LOVED and that was the embodiment of who they were both personally and professionally.

Believe me, how you see yourself, dress everyday, and the way you present yourself to others is effecting your business and your bottom line.

This course will help you with your style, your confidence, your business life, and achieving your dream of success.


Are you ready to know what your style TRULY is? 
This course is for you!