High Level Styling


Specializing in you, Fancy #BossLady! Because you are ready to be the go-to Celebrity Entrepreneur of your field!

What you can expect in my High Level Styling:                  (6 and 12 Month Options Available)

  • Photoshoot Support - Prep and style + One live photoshoot support at locations (meet me when I travel)

  • Virtual purge - One for the 6 month package, and Two for the 12 month package

  • Virtual Shopping and style support, plus unlimited email and text support  

  • Up to 3 hours monthly One-on-One (planning out each month)

  • Makeup Lesson and product shopping


6 Month high level styling PACKAGE = $7000

12 month high level styling package = $12,000


This is where it gets REAL good and REEEEAL exciting!!!


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What you can expect in 6 months...                                

Woman Carrying a Brown Leather Handbag
  • Our first session will be an amazing discovery into your brand & business and direction on how you can be the visual representation of that.
  • We will create an image inspiration board to gain laser clarity on your style and how it lines up with your brand.
  • I will go through your wardrobe once with you - looking at 2 full seasons -  to figure out what needs to be kept, tossed, tailored, or consigned.
  • I will give you consigning and tailor support/direction.
  • I will go shopping with you (virtually) to complete your wardrobe, as many times as it takes! (Usually 2-3 trips)
    • I will send you a complete list of online stores and links of exactly what to buy.
    • I will select from stores you have in your vicinity and that you can easily order online, or go into the store.  As well as stores that you are comfortable with and excited about. 
    • While you are shopping - you will have me "on call" via text photos, Facetime, or SnapChat Video for a live and quick Yes or No.
  • You will also receive support for 1-2 photoshoots - the preparation that goes into selecting and styling the perfect outfits for your photoshoot.
  • You will have me "on retainer" for 6 months - meaning any and all style questions, I will be available.  It also means that I will be checking in with you bi-weekly to see how things are going and if you need any support on upcoming events or livestreaming.
    • Additionally, if other events come up - like a dressy event that you need to shop for a dress for, or a trip that you need help packing for - I will be your stylist on call to help!
  • We can also cover beauty.  You will learn how to use the products that you have, and what new products you need to add to your routine.  
    • You will also get a complete written makeup lesson - so that you don't have to remember what we did.
  • On average, clients complete the styling process with 75-200 new outfits, designed with currently owned & purchased items.



Now, if you are a #Bossbabe that is ready to have a MONEY MAKING BRAND, then you know that the top earning entrepreneurs have all realized that a stylist is a MUST-HAVE on their dream team.

That means you are ready to have a stylist year round!


You know that you would like this support consistently throughout the entire year because you will be going to Live Events, you will be LiveStreaming, you will have Photoshoots, and you KNOW that you need to consistently show up for yourself and for your ideal clients as the walking billboard for your brand. 

You are a BossLady that is killing it and you recognize that having a stylist on your team is a foundational and pivotal piece to your growth.  You are ready to be visible and standout in a sea of entrepreneurs as THE go-to of your field and be FOUND by those that need your services.  

COMPLETE 12 MONTH virtuaL brand STYLING PACKAGE = $12,000


Investing into yourself and your confidence is the best investment that you can make into your business.  It will motivate you, empower you to achieve, and become your competitive advantage.


Payment Plans Are Available



Are you ready to give the best gift ever?! 
 Ready to be a hero in your loved ones eyes?