Style & Shopping Events

Are you the owner of a boutique or store and would like to have an experienced and highly successful Personal Stylist come share tips, tricks, and trends with your customers?  Kate Taylor's Shopping Events are hosted at stores and boutiques to share seasonal trends and styling tips while increasing customer purchasing and loyalty. Offering "Kate Taylor styled Shopping Events" are extremely successful at attracting new and existing customers. The event begins with a styling demonstration, done by Kate, using items from the store to create a host of timeless and on trend outfits which can then be purchased throughout the event.

Customers enjoy an evening of shopping, one-on-one styling advice, and leave the event feeling confident and excited with their new purchases in hand, destined to be a frequent shopper in the future.

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Image Training

Image has an undeniable impact on your company and organization’s success. As your employees and members serve as ambassadors for your business or group, their appearance is critical. How your employees and members dress and present themselves creates an instant, lasting impression on every client and prospect they meet.

How can you create more leaders within your company or organization?

Successful companies and organizations groom their employees for internal growth opportunities. The Image Training will shed light on how to:

  • Empower confident individuals who can represent your company/organization and be ready to succeed in a leadership role.
  • Encourage people to convey a strong professional presence while still being approachable.

Without a strong professional presence, your employees and members can not be effective negotiators or managers that confidently represent your company/organization to higher levels of profit and productivity.

Set the standards now with a Corporate Image Training, presented by kate.

Through a series of fun, interactive exercises and discussions, your employees and members will learn the power of their professional presence, whether suited for a boardroom presentation or comfortable networking meeting. From the importance of first impressions, to the way clothing communicates, employees and members will learn to create a polished image for any budget, and your business/organization will benefit!

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