Working with Kate has changed my experience of myself. I decided to work with Kate because I wasn’t excited about the things in my closet and I was looking for a stylist that could help me mix things up.

I ended up with a transformational experience. I never thought of fashion and style in this way - but I now know myself to be the person I’ve always dreamed of becoming.
— Nikki
I was never really a believer in the “look better, feel better” mantra. After working with Kate, I’m converted! I’ve come to find that while I’ve made GIANT improvements in my appearance, the most fruitful vines have been found in how my confidence has manifested in work and relationships. Thanks for giving me something that really can’t be bought and styled, I really feel like I’m developing the backbone to value myself and live with less regrets!
— Jamie
I loved my time with Kate. When I arrived, she already had a few things picked out for me. Every time I opened the dressing room curtain, she was there to give me her opinion, ideas and even a little bit of encouragement to step out of my fashion comfort zone.

Getting dressed in the morning now is so easy! I don’t change outfits multiple times or stress and hesitate about what to put on anymore. Kate made me feel so comfortable during my time with her. She knew immediately what items were best for my body type and personality. Now I go into my closet wanting to wear everything I see. She helped me build a complete wardrobe for these ‘business casual’ days of the summer.
— Tiffany C
What Kate does so well is to take your own unique style and transform it into a better version of you. The closet purge was the most satisfying part of the process – years of ‘old’ clothes and shoes gone just like that! You know that you want and need to do it and Kate provides the right approach and expertise to make it happen.
— Sarah
I worked with Kate to re-vamp my wardrobe after I moved to a new home in the fall. She helped me organize and weed out my closet for the winter. She has an excellent eye, and was really able to make the “hard” choices easy about when to get rid of an item that I have emotional attachment to but no longer fits in with my lifestyle. She created a whole new winter wardrobe out of my existing pieces without a need to purchase any new items that was stylish, and professional for my work attire. Her closet organization tips and look book made things easy to replicate- which was something I certainly needed at the time with a new baby, new job, and busier schedule with zero time to style myself in the morning. I highly recommend purchasing her services for yourself, or as a pampering gift for another!
— Kara
Working with Kate Taylor has been wonderful. I struggled with my wardrobe and knowing what would be best to wear during those moments where I wasn’t at the gym nor in a suit at work. I also had accumulated a ton of stuff I no longer wore. She created numerous options with my current wardrobe as well as added several combinations with new pieces. We decluttered my closet, donated many items, and made things more functional.

She was very helpful and worked with my style. She didn’t try and change my look, only complimented it. I would strongly encourage anyone that is looking to get a professional and classy upgrade while getting organized.
— Steve
I am so glad I met Kate Taylor! Originally, I thought the focus of our time together would be for personal image consulting (makeup, hair, clothes, accessories, etc) for a long-out-of-the-dating-scene-divorced-mother-of-two-teenagers. It quickly became apparent that she is an expert at personal and professional image awareness! The improvements that have been adopted have made a great impact in both my personal and professional life. Kate is also understanding of demanding executive work schedules and is very accommodating at scheduling appointments to be convenient. Kate is knowledgeable and personable, I knew it was going to be fun to see her at every appointment!
— Heather
Kate Taylor is the absolute best! She came highly recommended to me from a family member and I could not have been more impressed. As someone who is lazy about makeup, clothes, and organization and often prides myself on this attitude, Kate helped me start to care a little bit more (without stressing me out with too much effort). We found clothes that looked good on my body as it is right now, clothes for specific occasions, and cleaned out about 6/7 years of clothes that I had been hoarding with me through 3 different moves. My closet now actually looks...dare I say it...pretty. It also does not hurt to get to sit in the dressing room while someone else dresses you and picks out clothes that you might not have ever considered otherwise (but actually look really good). Even for a not-so-looks focused girl, Kate made shopping and ultimately organizing my closet daily a little less of a “chore”...and a lot more fun.
— Jessi
When I first met Kate, I told her that I saw a lot of clothes when I walked into my closet, but I didn’t see any outfits. Now, after just a few hours with Kate and armed with the Look
Book that she created, I have almost 200 outfits at my fingertips on my iPad – and that’s just for the fall/winter seasons. And she created all these outfits mostly with what was already in my closet. My Look Book makes getting ready for work so much quicker and easier, and it gives me the confidence to know that what I’m wearing looks professional and classic yet updated. I am using Kate again for Spring/Summer. Thanks, Kate!
— Claudia P.
As someone who typically chooses comfort over fashion, someone who dislikes shopping and hates spending money, I was skeptical that Kate could help me. Boy was I surprised. She listened to what mattered to me and never tried to push me towards a style that wasn’t my own. She helped me clarify what I wanted my image to convey, and then put together a bunch of outfits from my closet (with only the suggested purchase of a black belt) that helped me look and feel like who I want to be. She has saved me precious time in the mornings so I can sleep later and not feel rushed. All too often, I used to feel frumpy and awkward in a professional setting. Now, because of what I learned from Kate, I feel comfortable and confident. I had no idea that a little help from an expert could make such a difference in my life.
— Jazmine