Hi! My name is Kate Taylor,

I am passionate about supporting you to feel confident in your style so you can take on the world and bring your dreams to life!

Confidence can quickly become your competitive advantage and an open door to connecting with those you love and hold dear. 

I have been in the fashion industry in a handful of different ways.  I’ve worked as VP of Sales & Marketing for a clothing company – where I got to work as a fashion designer.  I learned the ins-and-outs of behind the scenes fashion...from styling to design to trade shows to fashion weeks. I was also lucky to have an amazing opportunity to become a fulltime professional makeup artist where I worked with models, designers, brides, and more. Through all of these career changes and opportunities, I realized that there was one common factor in all of them.

It was that..

What I love the most and what fulfills me, is helping people to truly discover their image and allow it to shine.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Health Science and Psychology, and a Master of Arts in Organizational and Corporate Communication. Along with my education, my opportunities to work in such a great range of careers and working with wonderful clients…I have the tools and experience needed to ensure success in your journey to living your dream life with confidence!

It's Time to feel confident in your own style! 


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