Week 3:
Does Your Wardrobe Light You Up?



Closets can be scary places! We are often held back simply by the lack of organization – by sizes, trends and more that don’t reflect who we are now... Here are some steps to move you in the right direction!  Keep in mind your business brand board and the question “Does this light me up?!”


Start Small

If you don't have time or energy for a big job, tackle one drawer or corner a day. Or set a timer for 15 minutes and see how much you can get done. Dividing the task into small steps is particularly helpful for people with attention and focusing problems. 

Give Things Away

Finding a second home for salvageable things can ease separation anxiety and relieve feelings of guilt over being wasteful.

Take Pictures

Photos of old prom dresses, hats, team jerseys and other nostalgic items can evoke the same memories while taking up much less space.

Remember the 80/20 Rule

Most people wear only 20% of their clothing 80% of time. Much of the rest reflects past sizes, past self-images or past life roles. Recognize them for what they are. "If you want to move forward, release the past, starting with your closet," writes Jennifer Baumgartner in her book "You Are What You Wear.”

Take Inventory

How many pairs of jeans/shoes/ties/black dresses or other favorite items do you have and how many do you need? Set some limits, suggests Linda Samuels, president of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization. 

Purchase Mindfully

Will you really use this—or are you trying to fill an emotional void? A closet full of clothes and shoes with price tags still attached is a telltale sign of the latter. "You can never get enough of what you don't need," says psychologist April Lane Benson, who specializes in treating compulsive shoppers. 

Try a Trial Separation

If parting with things seems painful, stash them temporarily in an accessible place and see if the feeling passes.





  • Wear 1 item per day from the 80% you haven’t worn in the last 6 months.  If you love it, add it to the rotation.  If you don’t, time to let it go.
  • Mix up your “uniform outfit – your go-to outfit” with a different top or a different bottom.  Keep it fresh and new!